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Our Writers

This is the industry that we always take pride. We have got the best and most competent writers around. They are all professional, with decent degree and can always deliver what is required.

Hiring Process Of The Writers

There is a compulsory registration process that the aspirant writer must pass. This would include a couple of tests. The first step would be the assessment of the English knowledge. This is based on the Oxford University Press textbook.

Other tests would include standard styles of citation tests like the Harvard, APA, MLA and others. The last process is the completion of the sample paper. it will be assessed by our quality assurance department.

Evaluation Of The Work Samples Of Writers

We assess and evaluate the work of our writers by way of their style, grammar, language, readability and professionalism. Our writers are not just good with the English language but likewise mindful of the subject or topic that they are working on.

Before we hire a writer, we make sure that they will undergo several tests and assessments like what was mentioned previously. This is to ensure that we will be able to select only the best and finest of the industry.

Where Are The Writers From?

We cannot say that we only have writers from the US. Our hiring process is not limited in America. We hire writers even from other countries so long as they can pass all of our exams and assessments.

We give options to our customers if they specifically want a writer from the US. You simply need to specify it at the order form.

How Do You Assign An Order To A Writer?

By the time we receive the order, we quickly choose and select the best writer that can attend to your requirements and unique needs. We shall match it based on the quality level that you specified on the order. This is dependent of the skills and background of the writer. You can rest assured that the selection and matching process is always being improved and developed. In addition to that, the workload is also a basis that affects the selection of writer. We see to it that he or she will still have enough time to work on the given tasks.

What Are The Degrees Of Your Writers?

We have got writers in varying academic levels. This is to be able to match all the level of customers that will place an order. We have college graduates, bachelor degree holder, master’s degree holder and even those with PhD.

Do You Give Assurance That The Assigned Writer Is Exactly Who I Need?

We are certain that we match and select the right and best suited writer for your unique needs. However, you really need to see proofs, you can pay another $5 and we shall send you 3 different samples of the writer’s previous work. This is not a compulsory add-on. This is just optional and can be added upon placing an order.