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Term of Use

Before you contract an essay writing service it’s important to go through its terms and conditions. In case of any problem, you will know who to turn to for a solution.

Provided are terms and conditions for our essay writing service.

General Information

  • This company ensures customer personal data is protected along with credit card personal information. The company safeguards any leakage of information to the third party. All customer transactions are handled and secured by an online installment framework known as aurhorize.net. Customers should therefore be warned against having transactions with writers. The company however is not completely reliable against all exposures of charge cards information that may happen outside reasonable control
  • Customers when ordering are required to submit their personal details including their name, address, telephone number. This information is used to confirm customers and to contact them concerning their order. Once verification has been done, details are immediately erased.
  • There is no direct contact between our writers and the customer. This is to enhance our private policy. Customers however can freely contact our qualified customer support team accessible 24/7.
  • Customer’s information gets to writers once the order is already paid for. The company will not take responsibility when customers give information to individuals within the writing service. Customers are urged not to reveal their personality when contacting the writing service.

Terms Of Usage

Services offered by this company are based on written works and reference purposes only. These services are only handled by qualified writers who know their work best. The company writers however do not guarantee any students the grades they expect to get. The work of the writers is to produce a high quality paper according to customer’s instructions. The company will not take any responsibility where the customer is unable to study or handle an examination based on the paper they wrote.

Making The Order

Filling the order form is very easy. Customers are required to fill in accurate personal details including the telephone number and the email. The customer contact information is very important. By providing accurate information, the company finds it easy to contact a customer during an emergency or when they need to inquire something. Writers only begin work on an order that has been completely paid for. We emphasize on filling in correct details.


Writers work with customer directions and requirements. Customers are therefore required to provide clear and exact instructions before writers embark on the assignment. Once a writer is appointed customers are to send directions for writing .In the event that directions are unclear, extra fee is charged.


Writers are free to use sources they find relevant to the assignment. In other circumstances, customers may give a list of exact sources to use. In this case, the company requests customers to give them a time plan. See below.

  • 12 hours or less: customers are required to direct instructions and sources appropriated within the first 20 minutes.
  • 12 hours-24 hours: customers are required to direct instructions and sources appropriated within the first 1 hour.
  • 48 hours-10days: customers are required to direct instructions and sources appropriated within the first 8 hours.

Inability to do this equates to violation of terms and regulations of an Agreement.

Choice Of Academic Level

The company expects customers to be able to choose the academic level their assignment falls into. Customers should therefore be keen to pick the appropriate level when making an order.

Messaging System

The company messaging system is user-friendly. Customers can check any messages coming from the support team of the specific writer. Customers are also free to use this feature to instruct writers, air concerns or suggestions. If unable to use the messaging system, the support team will be delighted to help.

Errors While Placing The Order

The company reserves the right to reserve orders that might be conflicting or in case of any mismatch. Customers will be exposed to payment of extra installments on orders with errors.

Following The Order Progress

Customers are free to follow their orders using their individual records on the site. The potential requests to get include:

  • Order is not paid-the customer is expected to proceed with installment for the company to begin working on it.
  • Research has begun-the customer has fully paid for the order and is accessible to the writers.
  • Arranging-the writer has already been selected for that specific order
  • Order is completed. You can download it-the product has been transferred and customers are free to download from their individual record on site.
  • Request is returned for correction-customers have asked for a serial of revisions from writers.
  • Hold-the whole writing process has been put to a halt. The support team is responsible for this order. Reason for this instruction is located in the customer’s private messaging system.
  • Cancelled-the order has been cancelled.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Products requested by customers are uniquely written and delivered on time. Plagiarism is highly unacceptable. All orders are therefore checked by anti-counterfeiting programs that guarantee 100% uniqueness.
  • Papers that have not been completely composed by our company will not be routinely checked for any copyright infringement.
  • Incase of any cancellations and refunds, customers are requested to communicate through the order messaging system or keeping in touch with customer support team.
  • If the customer has found the product ordered to be of low quality and requests for a refund, he or she must provide a heavy reason for it. The request will then be forwarded to quality assurance unit for further investigations. The company will ask for more evidence and customers are required to produce documents supporting their claim. If unable to the request is declined.
  • The company is not responsible for the grades a customer will acquire.
  • The company maintains the messaging system as a channel to use regarding new offers and other helpful information they consider important to customers.
  • The company will not refund customers who make payments through store credit incase of company failures.
  • The company will not take responsibility for any extra charges of company SMS charged against the customers by mobile service operators.