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What are the unique characteristics of your company which your competitors do not possess?

We have a team of writers that has the experience and are considered professionals in their field. They were trained to provide the clients with 100% original quality papers. They are writing the contents from a blank paper and would complete the assignments on time based on your instructions. Again, we only provide original contents to our customers. For that reason, we are not into copying another writings just to provide those to the clients.

How do I check on the status of my order?

We have a much updated system in our company. It means that you can always check it at all times as it automatically uploads to your personal profile. We also have some communication methods in order to answer other inquiries. Our company has the live chat support, e-mail assistance as well as by calling our support representatives. They will be able to assist you with any concern that you may have with regards to your paper.

What are the formatting styles or citations that you can do for essays?

As you process the order during the initial phrase, you will have an option as to the style that you desire. You may select from APA, MLA, Chicago and the Turabian style. Rest assured that the writer assigned for your paper will strictly follow the rules in connection to your chosen style. You may also choose the “Not Relevant” option in the style section if you are not particular with it.

How can I forward or send the materials and sources to your company?

The materials can easily be uploaded together with all the papers while processing your order. It is advisable that you send them in the initial process so that we can start on processing the contents of your paper as soon as possible.

Can I communicate directly with my writer?

Yes. We always want to assure that you will have the total command for the processing of your paper. We have set up a special system so that you can provide some new or added instructions as well as new materials for your paper. You can do that anytime.

How do you choose the writer to write my paper?

The specialty of the writer to be assigned to your paper is always taken into consideration. It means that we are looking into the educational background that is most suitable for the topic of your paper. For instance, you want us to write a paper in connection to Humanities. What we are going to do is to find one that is most knowledgeable with the said subject. We have the best writers in other disciplines as well. You are then assured that we will provide you with quality-rich paper should you decide to order from us.

Do your writers qualify for the discipline that requires writing?

We are very strict when it comes to hiring our writers. Our company always make sure that we will only include those that posses Masters or PhDs in their subject. With such process, we are going in a very meticulous process on choosing who to assign your paper. Once we have your work assigned to one of our specialists, you can absolutely get in touch with him or her. You will then be allowed to ask some questions in case you have any.

Do you have a refund policy?

We are always assuring our customers of 100% satisfaction. However, if you are not satisfied with what we have provided you, then you can ask for a revision for free. That of course is subject to some conditions which necessarily include the time when you avail for it. If still you do not like the way it was written, then you can have a refund of your money. But with how the company has been performing, many of our customers are returning clients. It is just a simple proof that we were able to meet or even exceed their expectations.

Do you value confidentiality?

We know that privacy of our clients is very important. With that in our mind, you can always expect that no personal information will be disclosed to others (third party). Our company will never release any information particularly with your name, email address, payment information and others. We truly value customers’ privacy in this company.

Are you strict when it comes to deadlines?

We know that there are instances when failure to meet the deadline is the same as not submitting the paper at all. Our company is very much certain that we can always deliver the paper within the deadline agreed upon. In order to begin writing immediately, please send the materials that are needed as you process the order during the initial phrase.

Will my professor learn about you doing my paper works?

As stated above, everything is totally confidential. We have non-disclosure agreements to make sure that no information will come out. The employees particularly the writers of our company will always protect the information that we have learned.

Are your papers plagiarism-free and original?

The papers will be written out of a blank paper. Everything will be original and as a consequence, it will be free from plagiarism. We are also using a system to find out if there are possible similarities with other papers. Our company is always assuring the clients that they will only get unique, original and plagiarism-free paper from us.

Are there any hidden charges?

Our company always wants our customers to experience quality service. As part of that, we will never assess you with additional charge. We may only require such added fees if you are going to ask for some extra pages or if you have given us some different instructions as previously agreed upon. We even provide the customers a special calculator in order to find out the total price before finalizing the order. We want to become very transparent especially that we are dealing with the students that may have limited budgets.