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What we always guarantee is that we give our best in every writing task that we get. All orders will definitely be to satisfy the specific requirements of the customer. We just want to extend our gratitude and appreciation that you choose us to work on your task. If there will be any questions of concerns, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Agreement Of Payment

Upon providing all your payment details and proceeding with the order, you give our company the authority to take the total amount of money out of your account.

Acknowledgement Of The Customer

After placing an order at VipEssayWriters.com, we assume that you already read and understood the terms and conditions of the user agreement. Any kind of certification can also be requested. All the tasks that we deliver are for reference used only. We do not claim that it can have any effect on your ratings.

Cancellation Of Orders

Cancelling an order is also possible. You are simply required to send us a formal email anytime before the writer gets started on working on the paper. If by any chance, you violated the user agreement on your request to cancel the order, it is our discretion to reject or accept it.

Deadlines And Reasons Of Delay

We always make sure that we will finish the given task on time. It will not be our responsibility if it is the customer’s fault why the task is delayed. Here are some instances:

  • Billing Information. We have an anti-fraud policy that verifies if the billing information is correct.
  • Email communication. We always give updates through email. It is then your responsibility to always check your emails regarding questions that your assigned writer may have.
  • Phone contact. A valid and working phone number must be provided. When your writer calls, you need to take it as he may have clarifications or concerns about your order.
  • Editing. We have free revisions offered. Yet, if you change the original instruction for something else, it is no longer part of the free revision policy that we offer.
  • Payment. Your writer shall not begin the work without securing the entire amount of task paid in full.

Should there be any other related concerns; our support team can be contacted day or night, 24/7. If there will be any issues that may arise, please get in touch with us within the quickest time possible so as for us to straighten things out.