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Essay writing might seem as a formidable task when you are ill equipped to write one. But once in the right frame of mind and with ample time at your disposal writing an essay will seem like child’s play. However, how much ever you might take it to be a light task, remember that you have to follow certain rules while writing essay and failing to follow them will create an utter flop story.

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An essay is a piece of writing which is written from the perspective of the writer about a certain topic. The opinion of the writer is the central plot here and it is not merely stated. Perspectives are generally substantiated by facts. Before you embark on the expedition of custom writing keep in mind the following things, they will definitely help you write better.

  • Firstly, decide upon the topic that you want to write about. As it is that there is no dearth for subjects to do custom writing, you will have to put in some real thought when deciding your topic. Choose some topic that interest you and also something in which you have at least some basic knowledge, otherwise in the long run the writing might may get tedious and really boring. A topic that sparks your interest will definitely hook you in.
  • Move on to find some resources from where you can collect information for your topic. Sufficient background information will always be a helping factor.
  • Once you have collected all the information you need, make an outline of the essay. An outline is a model of the essay that you plan to write. Arrange the arguments that you want to include and get an idea of how you can develop the essay.
  • The next important step in writing an essay is choosing the essay you want to write. There are different kinds of essays like descriptive essay, compare and contrast essay, evaluation essay, persuasive essay etc. choose the one that would best suit the topic you have chosen and will handle it in a reasonable way.
  • Then after you begin with the customwriting. The style of writing is of significance and should be maintained throughout the essay. An essay has three main parts and they are; the introduction, the body and the conclusion.
  • If you are writing a scholarly essay you should give a thesis statement that would best reflect your topic of study. For other essay, give a catchy title and you can exploit your creative faculties to come up with one.
  • The introduction is the opening paragraph. The reader is introduced to the topic in this paragraph in a way that it is gripping and informative and would urge the reader to read further. They are many ways in which you can begin an introduction of custom written papers. You can use humour as the theme of the opening paragraph but it should definitely be related to the topic. It can be anecdotal where you can relate some story which will form the premises in which your essay unfolds. Using humour is another way to write an introduction to an essay. One of the preferred ways of writing an introduction is to quote the words of a great person and then pick up on it to build your essay. The introduction should not be very lengthy and put in adequate background information.
  • Next the writer should move on to the body of the essay. The body of the essay normally consists of three paragraphs. The body is the portion of the essay where the writer puts forth his perspectives on the topic in a logical framework. Each paragraph in the body of the essay should deal with one main argument and should be justified with evidence to the veracity of the arguments. The body of the paragraph should be one coherent piece. Therefore maintain proper connection between the paragraph and ensure the logical connectivity of the whole piece.
  • The conclusion of the paragraph is the final paragraph of the essay. In the conclusion you my state your final judgement or results if any. Restate the strongest argument of the essay which is in favour of your perspective. While writing the conclusion it should be noted that the matter in the conclusion should follow the arguments in the body and like the introduction should not be lengthy enough. Make generalisations if you can derive any from the essay and do not go on to add new content in the closing paragraph because it will have an anticlimactic effect.
  • After the writing is done, revisit the draft to identify the errors and rectify those. Check out for grammar and spelling mistakes. Make sure that you have used the apt words in the sentences and did not overdo your vocabulary.  Read to make sure that the essay is a coherent piece and the style has been maintained through.
  • One important point to be kept in mind is that the writer should be able to anticipate the likes and dislikes of the reader. The reader will be critical about the essay that he reads, so be ready to write something that the reader will prefer reading. But in the run do not make the essay a piece to attract the audience and diverge from the actual objectives of writing custom essay.

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Custom essays writing will be an interesting task if you follow the above guidelines and you can write one for yourself without seeking the aid of a custom essay writing service.

Custom writing paper is not different from writing an essay, but for the fact that it is more specialised and the needs and the style of the writer are given importance.

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